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bar soap

bar soap

Bar soap is the classic way to clean-up, and why not do it the natural way with dindi naturals! 

Our natural bar soap is gentle enough for your entire body. Almost our entire range of natural bar soaps are perfect for those with sensitive skin, acne and eczema who are looking for relief.

Our natural bar soap range is made up of a variety of different scents and key ingredients to ensure a bespoke & invigorating experience for all options, such as:

  • Bay Spice (bay leaf, clove, nutmeg & bergamot)
  • Lemongrass Tea (geranium, lemongrass & lavender)
  • Charcoal (fennel, sweet orange, tea tree & lemongrass)
  • Lemon Myrtle (lemon myrtle & patchouli)
  • Lemon Tea Tree (lemon scented tea tree & Kakadu plum extract)
  • Mandarin Lime (mandarin, bergamot, lime & coconut milk)
  • White Sage (white sage, rosewood & lavender)

Browse our range of natural bar soap below, or if you’ve got a question for us - get in touch with us on 03 5773 4349. 

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