bulk ironing aid 10 litre

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Please note - our 10L drum taps are sold separately (not necessary for 4L bulk option). You can purchase a 10L drum tap here.

Make your linens smell wonderful with our 100% natural ironing aid, designed for use with or without the heat of an iron. Fabrics become relaxed and smooth with our gentle, aroma-therapeutic infusion of lavender hydrosol and pure lavender essential oil, simply spritz gently while hanging. Can also be used along with iron, to deliciously scent clothing and aid in the ironing process!

  • gentle, natural + aroma-therapeutic
  • does not contain palm oil, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, SLS or sulfates, alcohol, silicone or anyting artificial
  • vegan friendly + biodegradable
  • suitable for most fabric type

Ingredients: lavender hydrosol, vinegar, Australian lavender essential oil, organic bitter orange extract

Vegan friendly

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