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organic baby massage oil 100ml


Categories: mother and baby
  • Description

    An organic, plant-based, natural baby massage oil that helps hydrate and soothe your baby’s skin, while helping you ritually build your loving bond.

    Chemical-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, palm oil free.
    Vegan, fair-trade, environmentally friendly, biodegradable ingredients.

    Not all baby massage oils are created equally. Below are some of the reasons why many parents choose the Dindi Baby brand, which contains a meticulously measured blend of pure, gentle, plant oils.

     Why choose?

    We use only gentle, organic, natural ingredients with zero chemicals and zero toxins. This means no discomfort, no clogging and no irritation or potential health problems.

    Your baby’s soft skin is highly porous, which means it’s susceptible to absorbing harmful substances, many of which are unfortunately found in commercial baby massage oils.

    Our massage oil contains only natural, organic plant oils that moisturise without causing irritation or clogging.

    Even if you don’t buy our baby massage oil, please read all ingredient labels carefully in order to keep your baby safe. Some commercial baby oils contain petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are products made from petroleum, and petroleum is basically crude oil – which is a fossil fuel.

    Petrochemicals include phthalates, benzene derivatives, aldehydes, methane, ethylene, propylene, butanes, butadiene and other charming-sounding names.

    Some of these are toxins that have the potential to create or irritate skin conditions, and even cause serious health problems.

    Australian-made in a pristine environment in Yarck, Victoria

    We order many of our ingredients fresh from growers, blending them by hand at our solar-powered, boutique factory at the foothills of the high country in north-east Victoria, Australia.  From where we are, we can smell and see the gorgeous, pristine mountains. The air is clean, fresh and revitalising, and it pours into every treasured product we create. When we say our products contain no nasties, we mean it, right down to the air we breathe! 

    Continual protection 

    Our baby massage oil blend contains organic shea oil, which is bursting with vitamins and fatty acids that help protect your baby’s own natural skin oils, their greatest protection of all!

    No fragrance for an irritation-free experience
    We’ve chosen not to include any fragrance or essential oils in our organic baby massage oil in order to ensure the optimum level of absorption without the risk of irritation, particularly for those babies with extra sensitive skin. Besides, everyone knows babies have their own amazing baby smell!

    Deep but delicate moisturising to keep your baby comfortable

    The jojoba oil in our baby massage oil penetrates deeply to replenish lost moisture, and to balance, soothe and regenerate your baby’s tender skin.

    A baby’s skin has less moisture than an adult’s, which means it’s prone to dryness. When there’s dryness, your baby can feel itchy and uncomfortable, leading to crying and fussiness.  Being proactive about skin moisturising can keep irritation (and the delights of sleep deprivation!) at bay.

     Keep baby’s skin soft, safe and soothed

    There’s a reason for the term, “As soft as a baby’s bottom”. Your baby’s skin hasn’t been exposed to the everyday wear and tear of daily life yet, meaning their skin is still tender and silky. The downside is that their skin can be prone to various skin conditions.
    Our baby massage oil contains organic avocado oil, which has generous amount of vitamin E, nutrients and antioxidants, for maximum moisturising. Avocado oil penetrates deep into the skin, providing nourishment in the lower layers, where repair is especially beneficial.

    Antioxidants to help fight free radicals

    Organic rosehip oil contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals (unhealthy cells), helping to keep baby’s skin blossoming and healthy.  Rosehip oil is also filled with essential fatty acids and vitamin C for further protection and nourishment.

    Another ingredient in our blend that’s high in antioxidants is organic grapeseed oil. This versatile oil is also high in vitamin E, and has been known to help unclog the skin’s pores.

    Non greasy formula means no slippery fingers and no shiny babies!

    Our non-greasy formula means you can smooth the baby massage oil on easily, without experiencing excessive slipperiness.

    Vegan, organic baby massage oil

    Our baby massage oil is made entirely of certified organic, plant-based ingredients, making it ideal for everyone to use, including vegetarians and vegans.

     A safe way for both you and your baby to enjoy the benefits of baby massage

    Your gentle, loving massage can reduce crying, improve your baby’s sleep quality, reduce colic, aid digestion, reduce constipation and enhance feelings of relaxation and calmness. If your baby’s happy, and rested, we hope you will be too!

    Kind to the planet and animals

    Our natural baby massage oil ticks all the boxes!

    ·        Environmentally-friendly

    ·        Eco-friendly

    ·        Chemical-free

    ·        Cruelty-free

    ·        Palm-oil free

    ·        Biodegradable ingredients

    ·        Premium, fair-trade ingredients, many ordered fresh from growers

    ·        Certified, organic plant oils in many products

    We give back
    As a socially responsible business, we enjoy donating to various charitable and non-profit organisations. When you support us, you also support a number of worthwhile organisations.

    DIRECTIONS: How to apply our organic, baby massage oil

    In warm conditions you can gently  massage oil directly onto your baby’s skin, then smooth it around in a circular motion, or whichever way is most comfortable and suitable for you and your baby.

    In cooler weather, you may wish to first apply the oil on your hand, wait for it to warm, then apply it in your preferred way.

    Key ingredients in our baby massage oil: 

    ·        Organic jojoba oil

    ·        Organic shea oil

    ·        Organic avocado oil

    ·        Organic rosehip oil

    ·        Organic grapeseed oil

    ·        Natural vitamin E

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