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Reed Diffuser 100ml

Reed Diffuser 100ml
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Cinnamon. clove, sweet orange + vanilla $60.00
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Rose geranuim, ylang ylang, sage + bergamot $60.00
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Our natural reed diffusers are made from pure essential oils and extra-virgin olive oils, with NO added synthetic fragrance and NO alcohol. Enjoy a gently scented room with an eclectic combination of scents guaranteed to appease all styles and personal taste. They make a perfect gift or a perfect treat for yourself! These natural diffusers will fill your home with a beautiful, long lasting aroma! We have 4 different scents, sure to suit everyone's desires. They include: 

Cinnamon, clove, sweet orange + vanilla is a strong, long-lasting scent, perfect for masking unwanted odours and filling the air with festive spice!

Kaffir lime, lemongrass, cedarwood + fir is a fresh, uplifting, mouth-watering citrusy lime combination that will delight all your senses! This is my favourite.

Lemon myrtle, lavender, rosalina + marjoram is a delicious zesty, lemony-herbal combination, suitable for any room in the house!

Rose geranium, ylang-ylang, sage + bergamot is definitely feminine, sophisticated and classy, providing a long-lasting scent.

Instructions:Glass reed diffuser bottle comes with 5 thick reed sticks. These bottles are half filled with approximately 150ml of oil. We feel they diffuse better at this level, and also, if we were to fill them to the top they would be extremely expensive and have exactly the same life as when half filled.

  1. Untwist reed collar and remove plastic seal. Replace collar.
  2. Place reed sticks into the bottle to absorb oils.
  3. Flip sticks around so that the oily ends are exposed to the air, and repeat this regularly for the first couple of days to saturate sticks.
  4. After this time it should be sufficient to flip reeds every few days or whenever more scent is required.

Note: if the scent is too strong, remove some of the sticks. 

Be careful to wipe up oil spills quickly as essential oils can stain surfaces.

Keep out of reach of children. Not to be ingested.

Our reed diffusers are vegan friendly 

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