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Variety 10 Boxed Soaps ($55)

Variety 10 Boxed Soaps ($55)
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Price: $5.50
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bay spice (vegan) $5.50
blue gum $5.50
charcoal (vegan) $5.50
fir needle (vegan) $5.50
geranium (vegan) $5.50
goats milk $5.50
lavender sage (vegan) $5.50
lemon smoothie $5.50
lemon tea tree (vegan) $5.50
lemongrass tea (vegan) $5.50
mandarin lime (vegan) $5.50
mint eucalyptus $5.50
orange flower (vegan) $5.50
patchouli (vegan) $5.50
pepperberry (vegan) $5.50
rainforest lime $5.50
rosewood sage (vegan) $5.50
tangelo (vegan) $5.50
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