3 steps to care for your little one's skin

3 steps to care for your little one's skin

Is there anything more soft and totally scrumptious than your little ones peachy skin? We all know that babies and kids skin is often far more sensitive than our own and needs a little extra tender loving care, but did you know that many of the baby products we grew up using as children are often full to the brim with nasty chemicals, harsh detergents and artificial fragrances + colours? 

Taking great care of your baby is one of the most fulfilling and yet daunting experiences a parent can have,  there really is such conflicting information out there, and we all want to make the best decisions we can.  That's why it's important to keep things super simple - and natural - the more natural the better is something that we can all agree on! After all mother nature really does know what she's doing.

We've put together this simple 3 step skincare routine for your little one's, so keep on readying to find out to how cleanse, replenish and protect your little ones skin!

Step 1 : cleanse

Though it's important to use a soap that is as gentle as possible on your babies skin, it's equally important to make sure that their skin is being cleansed and refreshed regularly. That's why we suggest using our natural liquid soaps, sometimes called castille soaps, on your whole family.  Our liquid soap range is made with extra-virgin olive oil and pure essential oils that are wonderfully soothing and completely natural, with no sulfates, petrochemicals, palm oil, glycols and artificial fragrances.  If your looking for something completely scent free, we suggest washing your little one daily with our 'Sensitive' liquid soap which contains no essential oil fragrances or our 100% pure olive oil soap with no added essential oils, which leaves even the most sensitive eczema prone skin feeling cleansed, moisturised and rejuvenated. 

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Step 2: replenish

Spending a little extra time during your babies nighttime routine to use Dindi's baby massage oil on your little one's sensitive skin can promote relaxation and bonding whilst replenishing and nourishing skin with our potent blend of the highest quality natural plant oils.   Life can be hectic, especially as a new parent - slowing down and easing into a soothing night time massage routine with your little ones can really help to calm the nervous system and relax you both into a good night's sleep! 

Step 3: protect

Soothe and protect the most sensitive of skin with our organic, natural, plant-based baby balm. Baby's tender skin is highly porous and prone to moisture loss and irritation, so it's important to use a carefully formulated, natural baby balm free from all chemicals and harsh fragrances. 

Our baby balm contains soothing shea and cocoa butters, which keep skin moisturised while also acting as anti-inflammatory agents helping to reduce redness and sore areas.  Dindi baby balm helps to protect against and heal many skin conditions including painful nappy rash - simply clean area thoroughly, dry well and apply baby balm with every nappy change until skin is healing well! 



Step 1

Cleanse with Dindi's liquid soap range, or our 100% pure olive oil bar soap

Step 2

Replenish and relax with our luxurious baby massage oil, available in 2 sizes - 50ml or 100ml

Step 3

Protect and heal sensitive skin with our Dindi Baby Balm, perfect for healing painful nappy rash or dry skin issues

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