hand and body wash

Our natural liquid soaps, sometimes called castille soaps, are so gentle that they are great for hands as well as all-over body washing. Our liquid soaps are made with extra-virgin olive oil and pure essential oils. They are wonderfully soothing as well as being 100% biodegradable, with NO sulfates, petrochemicals, palm oil, glycols and artificial fragrances. Our natural liquid soap range is made up of a variety of different scents and key ingredients to ensure a unique experience for any option we have available, such as:

  • Calm Flower (geranium, lemongrass + lavender)
  • Cypress Wood (white cypress, marjoram + patchouli)
  • Fresh Australia (lemon myrtle, rosalina, eucalyptus + kunzea)
  • Lemon Infusion (lemongrass, lemon tea tree + rosemary) 
  • Mandarin Lime (mandarin, lime + grapefruit)
  • May Chang (litsea cubeba + patchouli)
  • Wild Rose (rose geranium, bergamot, rosalina + patchouli) 
  • Sensitive (no added essential oils) 
  • All options are available in 500mL, 4 litres or a bulk 10 litres. All of our liquid soaps are also vegan friendly! 
Browse our range of natural liquid soap below, or if you’ve got a question for us - get in touch with us on 03 5773 4349.