4 tips to focus your mind this exam season

4 self care tips to focus your mind this exam season

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Exam season can be a chaotic time for even the most 'zen' of people, so finding ways to help you relax, focus on the task at hand and combat some of that unnecessary exam stress is more essential than ever!

Making sure that you're finding ways to practice a little self care during the rush of those late-night last minute cramming sessions will not only help you focus on the important task at hand, but will also help you stay calm and hopefully not succumb to the usual stress-induced exam sicknesses or dip into the seemingly inevitable exam-induced existential crises that befall students this time of year.

1. Get Zen with a simple meditation practice

Even though it feels like your to-do list is piling on top of you, spending just 5 or 10 minutes a day to relax your mind and body will allow your nervous system to take a much needed breather. Like pressing a 'reset button' spending a few minutes daily to just relax and observe your thoughts from a far has some absolutely incredible mental health benefits as well as allowing your nervous system and adrenals to relax a little.

You really don't need anything to meditate, however if you've never meditated before there are lots of free apps that guide you through a short daily meditation or mindfulness practice, we'd recommend trying Calm or Headspace. 

2. Switch off and ditch the distractions

It's so easy to use technology and social media as a way of distracting ourselves from the less-than-fun task of studying for exams. 

However switching off the distractions, putting your phone in another room and turning off social media notifications on your computer, will help you focus on the task at hand, be more efficient with your studying and even reduce the amount of time that you actually have to spend on studying for exams each day! 

3. Relax and catch those Z's

Prioritising those important 8 hours of sleep each night when we're so busy can be tough, however studies have shown that it's one of the most important things you can do to help you ace those exams! Many students worry that having eight full hours of sleep will cut into their exam preparation, but they may not be aware that a lack of sleep will restrict their ability to pay attention during their exams. 

Getting to sleep when your brain is crammed and over stimulated can be tricky. Running a relaxing bubble bath can calm you down and let your body know it's time to rest, you can even add some relaxing essential oils or essential oil infused Dindi Bath Salts to help you unwind. Alternatively rub a little Dindi Lavender Balm into your temples and wrists to soothe and relax yourself before bed. 

4. Stimulate the brain and focus your mind

A scientific study has shown that inhaling rosemary essential oil can increase memory by 60-75%, compared with people who have not been exposed to the oil, while other studies have shown the oil can increase alertness, just what you want during those important study sessions.

Our Dindi Focus body mist utilises a blend of invigorating, pure essential oils to help focus the mind and assist with memory and concentration. This natural body product contains wonderfully fresh smelling rosemary, lemon and black pepper essential oils - all great for stimulating and boosting brain power!

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