5 Things To Know About Natural Body Products in Australia

The start of a new season is a wonderful time to review beauty habits and to tweak your regime in time for cooler weather. As you reach the end of your bottles, ask your self what does this product do for me?  Why did I choose this product? How does it make me feel?

The answer should be “My body likes the way it feels and smells, and it gives me an empowered feeling that I have made a great choice for myself that will support my skin health but won’t impact the earth and the future of its creatures.”



You are in charge. Have renewed faith in what your body is telling you.


Most people have had the experience of feeling unwell when walking into a shop that is burning scents that are not natural – this is a great example of how our body knows what it needs.   It feels great to empower our bodies to lead the way. 

Another example is building confidence with your choices, like how you feel when you apply your natural deodorant in the morning, knowing that you are applying ingredients you recognise and trust to not impede with the body’s natural processes, but still offering a solution to stinky pits. 

The value of investing in natural body products in Australia begins with a level of transparency between consumers and suppliers.

Our research, development team and partners at Dindi Naturals do all the groundwork for you. 

You can trust that we have done everything we can to make sure our natural body products are safe, effective and offer alternatives that balance human and environmental needs.


What you see is very much what you get. An example, is our Massage oil featuring a lemon ironbark scent. It comprises of grapeseed oil, fractionated coconut oil, macadamia oil, and pure essential oils of lemon scented ironbark. Nothing is non-identifiable, misleading or out-of-the-ordinary. You are presented with a luxurious blend of plant oils – nothing more, nothing less.

But I am so confused. What really works?

We are easily confused by big company marketing campaigns, which can affect our confidence when choosing products that we apply to our body daily.

The skin is fuelled in the same way as every other organ of the body: with nutrient-dense food.  Most of the time this is all it needs to maintain optimal health.

 Plant compounds used to formulate natural body products in Australia are essential foods for your skin. They contain the highest level of antioxidants and natural compounds that your body’s protective immune system recognises. By using these natural ingredients, we are reducing the chance of stimulating the skin’s defence systems, while calmly allowing it take what it needs.  This leads to greater hydration, skin renewal and repair.

In the case of Dindi Naturals, you can be assured we spend a great deal of time making sure our ingredients are obtained and processed with minimal intervention so our body can recognise and utilise these amazing natural compounds with ease.


Price and packaging are not a guarantee of performance

When you do get to the bottom of your bottle, be honest with yourself.  Were your choices to buy this product lead by how the packaging looked or it’s price point.

The price point is often more of a representation of how much money has been spent on marketing and packaging and often less of what is in the bottle.  The development budgets and timeframes for many companies are often tight and leave them with no alternative but to choose ingredients that are more affordable and more readily available.

At Dindi Naturals we build the product first, that is where we channel our resources. 

Do natural and cruelty-free tend to go hand-in-hand?

This is mostly the case.  However, testing on skincare and its ingredients has historically been common practice, even on some naturally sourced materials.

Gladly, there have been great advancements in awareness around animal testing. Sourcing cruelty free natural ingredients has been made so much easier, with greater transparency between our suppliers. We can now make informed and accurate assessments about what tests have been performed on our ingredients. We pass this confidence on to you by offering you cruelty free products.

Natural body care is a sure way to treat your body and the environment with respect. 

It is not just animals who benefit from a rise in natural beauty. When we use ingredients present in nature, the natural environment flourishes.

When we are looking at ingredients we try and go back to the feed stock it came from.  We ask these questions for you:

            How sustainably grown is the feed stock?

            How is the environment and/or animal habitats impacted by its farming practices?

            How is the local community affected where this feedstock is grown; will locals and the economy be supported?

Here at Dindi, we do all that we can to treat the planet with the same respect we do the skin. If that’s not reason enough to invest in natural body care this Autumn, we are not sure what is! Rebuild your beauty routine with care, starting with our natural body range at Dindi Naturals.

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