A Dindi Guide To Living With Less Plastic

Each year during the month of July, millions of people all over the world come together to take the challenge of reducing our plastic consumption. This challenge, started in 2017, is now in it's 3rd year and goes by the name of 'Plastic Free July'.

You don't have to look far to see the devastation that single-use plastics are having on our ecosystems and wildlife - landfills are at tipping point and our oceans are being choked - meanwhile the science is starting to show us the harmful health impacts of some plastics on us humans as well. 

Companies produce a huge amount of plastic waste, after all plastic packaging is by far the cheapest and easiest option for most businesses, however at Dindi Naturals we don't choose the easy route.

We spend a huge amount of time and money sourcing and producing the most environmentally friendly packaging materials for our products, so that our customers have more zero waste and single-use plastic free options.  

Starting the journey of reducing our plastics can seem like a daunting task, after all when we look around us everything feels like it comes in a plastic wrapping, however we're here to tell you that it doesn't need to be that way! 

We've created this handy guide that will help you reduce your plastic consumption, so let's dive in ...


Our Top 10 Favourite Products For Reducing Plastic Waste


1. Dindi Naturals Shampoo Travel Soap

Dindi Naturals Shampoo Travel Soaps

Our shampoo travel soaps are completely plastic free and come in a handy reusable travel tin.  Perfect for as a shampoo or body wash, they come in two wonderful scents - rosemary, mint + jojoba & tangerine, patchouli & hempseed. We provide the option of purchasing with a reusable tin or a discounted option when purchasing just a refill bar! 

2. Dindi Naturals Solid Conditioner Bars

Dindi Naturals Solid Conditioner Bars

It can often be very hard to find plastic free options for hair care. Our solid conditioner bars are a wonderful zero waste alternative and come in 4 versions - Argan, Avocado, Jojoba or Mango.  Just like our shampoo bars, we offer a refill option for our solid conditioners in-store and online, simply choose to purchase without the reusable tin for a discounted price!

3. 100% Natural Boxed Soaps

Dindi Naturals Boxed Soaps

We use soap multiple times of every day and yet often times the products that we use are laden with nasty chemicals that can have a negative effect on our health & water ways, as well as being packaged in lots of plastic. We offer a wide range of 100% natural soaps, from refillable liquid soaps to these wonderful natural bar soaps that come in over 20 different essential oil scents! Packaged solely in recycled card packaging, it's so easy to switch to plastic free alternatives.

4. Refillable Dish-washing liquid

Dindi Naturals Lemon Myrtle Dish Washing Liquid

Our 100% natural lemon myrtle + sweet orange dishwashing liquid smells amazing and comes in a recycled 500ml plastic pump bottle, which can be reused and refilled when you run out! Come in store to refill your pump bottle in our bulk refill area.

5. Dindi Naturals Brightening Face Serum

Dindi Naturals Brightening Skin Serum

In 2017 the beauty industry produced a minimum of 76.8 billion non-recycled plastic packaging units. At Dindi we're doing our best to not be a part of the problem. We have created a stunning range of high quality natural skincare, including our Brightening Face Serum, which are packaged in recycled glass bottles and recycled plastic pumps!

6. Dindi Naturals Lip Balms

Dindi Naturals Lip Balm

Perfect to pop in your bag or give as a little love gift, our range of 10g natural lipbalms are packaged in a handy reusable tin and come in 4 different flavours - avocado + mint, vanilla bean, cocoa butter & orange cream! 

7. Dindi Naturals Natural Powder Deodorant

Dindi Naturals Powder Deoderant

Not only are most deodorant options full of heavy metals and nasty chemicals but it's also quite tricky to find options that don't contain single use packaging. At Dindi we've formulated a wonderful alternative, our Natural Powder Deodorants, which come in 100% recycled card packaging! Two fragrance options are available - lemon tea tree, cedar + lavender & marjoram, white cypress + patchouli.

8. Save Planet A Organic Cotton Produce Bag Set

Organic Cotton Produce Bags

If you're trying to reduce your plastics, one of the simplest and most effective switches can be choosing to shop without plastic bags at the grocery store. Come in store to purchase these fantastic organic cotton produce bag sets from the brand Save Planet A!

9. Save Planet A Stainless Steel Straw Set

Reusable Stainless Steel Straw Sets


In Australia alone we use approximately 10 million plastic straws every single day. It's so easy to choose the greener option with one of our stainless steel reusable straw sets (available in store)! 

10. Reusable Wax Wraps

Reusable wax wraps

There's no need to use single use plastic containers or plastic wrap to keep your food fresh! Simply switch to reusable wax wraps that will easily mold to cover any container and can be wiped clean and reused over and over again.


Though for many of us the concept of going 'Zero Waste' can feel completely unattainable, each one of us can do our part for the earth by making simple switches with the products that we use every day.  

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