Are you breaking out from wearing masks all day?

As we strive to protect each other and stay healthy during this pandemic, wearing masks is becoming more and more necessary, and in many parts of Victoria is currently a legal requirement. 

Masks can be a total pain for many reasons, including how they affect our skin. Wearing a mask can cause skin irritation, redness, inflammation and acne for many people, especially those who suffer with breakouts more regularly. A lack of circulating air, trapped moisture and heat, not only keeps pores open but is also a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. To add to this, many people are sensitive to the mask material they're wearing which can increase inflammatory skin conditions. 

Along with our skincare specialist we've put together these simple tips to help you combat mask breakouts and keep your skin in the best shape possible during this difficult time.

a few simple changes to your daily routine can make a world of difference to your skin

Firstly make sure you're always starting your day off wearing a freshly cleaned, natural fibre mask. If possible, we suggest switching to a 3 layer cotton or linen mask, or at least use a reusable mask that has a cotton layer that sits closest to your skin. If you have to use disposable masks, make sure you're using a fresh, new mask every single day.

Before you put on your clean mask make sure your skin has been cleansed and lightly moisturised. Try not to wear make-up on your skin that will sit under your mask and make sure to choose a natural moisturiser that has a light skin feel and contains calming and anti-irritant ingredients. 

Some moisturising products that we suggest from our skincare range are: 

- Rosella flower balance skin oil is a combination of light feeling oils that have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  It contains bisabolol – which is a soothing extract with anti-irritant effects extracted from chamomile. It also contains black cumin oil which is high in skin healing zinc. 

Sensitive face moisturiser has a light skin feel with no essential oils and contains soothing calendula and panthenol with vitamin-rich sea buckthorn berry oil for added skin support. 

If you are prone to breakouts, and you’re done wearing your mask for the day, make sure to cleanse your skin right away. Our blackberry cleansing bar is specially formulated to help oily and blemish prone skin balance oil production and normalise skin cell exfoliation. It contains salicylic acid to help clean out your pores. 

Our coconut milk cleanser is also a great choice.  This milky cleanser will gently clean the skin without harming the skin's natural protective barrier. The bentonite clay will help detoxify the skin and cooling hops and calendula extracts help to soothe and calm irritated skin. 

For dry, irritated, sensitive skin types, a gentle clean with cucumber cleansing oil and a deliciously warm cloth is all you need as soon as you are done with your mask for the day.

Wearing face masks daily can also have an impact on skin cell regulation, so gentle exfoliation with our rosehip seed facial exfoliant twice a week will help remove any excess skin cell build up that can also contribute to skin clogging. If you want to further soothe irritated skin, give your skin a spritz of our rose toning mist - this will aid hydration and help to keep skin cool and calm.

Recommended Products

blackberry cleansing bar

Powerful salicylic acid keeps pores deeply cleansed and dislodge stubborn blackheads. To this we’ve added blackberry seed oil and kakadu plum, both high in vitamin C, soothing comfrey leaf and burdock root along with anti-fungal neem oil – to keep skin squeaky clean yet hydrated.

rosella flower balance face oil

Keep skin hydrated and nourished with our natural, vitamin enriched balance facial oil, enriched with native rosella flower, organic st johns wart extract and balancing evening primrose oil.

sensitive face moisturiser

Potent plant extracts of Australian Kakadu plum and calendula help to keep skin perfectly radiant and glowing, while precious plant oils ensure skin is well nourished without feeling heavy and clogging like some thicker moisturisers.

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