Build your zero waste hair care routine with Dindi

Build your personalised hair care routine 

with Dindi Naturals

We're on a mission to show you that making an effort to reduce your plastic consumption in your bathroom doesn't mean you can't create an incredibly luxurious hair care routine that leaves your unique hair nourished and silky-soft. Environmentally friendly and body friendly, our hair care range is free of all the nasties regularly found in shampoos and conditioners and instead are full of 100% plant-based extracts and luxurious plant oils to keep your locks looking luscious!

Refresh hair with a Dindi PH Balanced Shampoo Bar

Not all shampoo bars are created equal - Dindi PH Balanced Shampoo Bars never contain any harsh chemical detergents that strip the hair of important oils and nutrients or chemical foaming agents like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate).  Instead our 100% natural shampoo bars are derived from coconut, ensuring hair (even dyed hair) retains a balanced ph level whilst keeping hair cuticles smooth, soft and thus more manageable!  

Coconut vinegar also helps to keep the scalp healthy and itch free, as well as providing a lovely shine to your precious locks.  Our brand new PH Balanced Shampoo Bar range comes in 4 options - lilly pilly, calendula, argan and sea moss. Purchasable completely package free or in a handy reuseable metal tin, our shampoo bars are perfect for storing in your bathroom or when you're on the move! 

Dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair : Use our Lily Pilly shampoo bar, with Australian native fruit extracts of lilly pilly, quandong and rosella, and rich in cocoa butter and babassu oil to condition and tame fly away locks

Sensitive scalp :  Our Argan shampoo bar has no additional essential oils,  and includes gentle shea butter, argan oil, chamomile and aloe vera to soothe and condition

Normal hair, blonde + greys :  Try our Calendula shampoo bar, with lemon juice, calendula, hops and chamomile to keep hair bright, toned and glossy while mango butter and jojoba oil ensure moisture is locked in

Normal to finer hair : Our Sea Moss shampoo bar includes panthenol and sea kelp, rich in iodine and minerals for a perfect hair tonic that helps to give volume and hydration, while nettle leaf, ginseng and Irish moss provide extra nourishment to the hair and scalp.

We use a skin friendly and earth friendly coconut derived natural foaming agent in our ph balanced shampoo bars, which creates a fantastic lather simply by rubbing the bar lightly against wet hair.  A little really does go a long way, so your Dindi haircare products will work very effectively and last on average 3 months or more!

Condition with your favourite Dindi Conditioner Bar

 If you are seeking soft, shiny, super moisturised hair, look no further than our range of plant based conditioner bars enriched with the highest quality luxurious plant extract and oils. They may look small in size but they make a big impression and last much longer than many bottles of liquid conditioner. All of our conditioner bars are safe for colour-treated hair and are available package free or with an optional reusable metal tin.  

Dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair : Try our nourishing Jojoba conditioner bar, our most moisturising in the collection. 

Fine, greasy-prone hair :  Our Argan or Avocado conditioners are perfect for caring for hair prone to greasiness, without weighing it down with heavy oils. 

Normal to oily hair :  Our Mango conditioner contains mango butter as well as pomegranate, papaya + buriti oils for hair strength and shine. Lemon and citrus essential oils help balance natural scalp oil production.


Step 1

Choose your favourite Dindi PH Balanced Shampoo and Conditioner Bar, depending on your hair needs.

Step 2

Wet hair and shampoo bar, massage bar in hands and along the lengths of your hair to generate a lather, massaging product into your scalp and roots. Rinse well.

Step 3

Run your conditioner bar along the length of your hair, particularly on the ends of your hair. Use excess on your hands to massage your scalp. Allow to sit for a few moments then rinse well.

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