Essential Oils 101: Finding the perfect Dindi Naturals Essential Oil in Australia

Essential Oils 101: Finding the perfect Dindi Naturals Essential Oil in Australia

You don’t need to be a Dindi fan to love essential oils - although it certainly helps! Plenty of our customers have discovered the incredible way plant extracts can recuperate the skin, and clued on that hey, they probably have the potency to support all kinds of health and wellbeing!

It’s completely true. Plant extracts are commonly used in aromatherapy as a source of alternative medicine with diverse, yet highly important outcomes. It’s no wonder they’ve become so commonplace among many Australian households. 

You might be thinking: how could I possibly narrow down a bespoke scent? To make a long journey short, simply use this Essential Oils 101 guide by Dindi Naturals. Why? Because we’re proud of the essential oil products we have in our range - we’re considered and careful when sourcing to ensure our sources are not only sustainable, but that rare resources are not depleting. 

First, beware of “fragrance” oils. 

Before you dive deep into specific scents, let’s be sure you’re spending your money in the right place. We’d hate for you to get excited about boosting your wellbeing, just to find out you’d purchased a diluted or merely a synthetically fragranced product. 

That’s right, not all essential oils in Australia are created equal, and there are plenty of synthetic fakes out there. To be clear, synthetic fragrance oils completely skip over the vital components of the plant, leaving both you and your essential oil devoid of the healing properties you’re after! 

Not fun. In fact, that’s just the type of mishap that might have you leave your quest altogether (stay with us. We promise it’s worth it). It’s worth noting that because essential oils in Australia are not regulated, red (and green) flags require a bit of scrutiny and are not always blatantly obvious. We at Dindi Naturals have your back as always - here’s what to look out for, to ensure you’ve got your eye on the real thing. 

According to New York-based aromatherapist, Andrea Scalisi, one of the most important labels you can look for is “pure.” This is a term that’s paired with every essential oil at Dindi Naturals. What’s found in nature is what’s found in your essential oil. From skincare to aromatherapy, we are proud to say that all products at Dindi Naturals are made with the full plant profile. 

When isolating a trustworthy essential oil, it also pays to review the ingredients list. If ingredients appear to be missing, or if the oil is described as a fragrance at any point, we’d steer clear.

Now you know how to decipher poor from high-quality essential oils in Australia, let’s look at boosting your wellbeing!

Ask yourself, what benefits are you seeking? 

As mentioned above, every pure essential oil will contain unique compounds extracted from plants. A different plant means different compounds, which leads to different potential healing profiles. 

Here’s a few traditional benefits you might experience from essential oils: 

Dindi tip: pick just one or two focuses from the list above. This will serve as a helpful North Star as you build out a custom collection. 

Think about how (and when) you intend to use your essential oil.

There’s a few different ways to reap the benefits of aromatherapy. Most commonly, shoppers at Dindi Naturals go about their day with essential oils pleasantly filling the air from a humidifier or diffuser. In this case, we recommend a refreshing scent that really feels like home. You couldn’t do much better than Fresh Australia with its gorgeous blend of lemon myrtle, rosalina, eucalyptus and kunzea. 

If you’re craving a super soothing bath, another option is to fill your tub with hot water and a few drops of Sacred Pure Essential Oil blended with your go-to carrier oil. With lavender, rosewood, white sage, clary sage and palo santo, this oil is sure to turn your whole bathroom into a meditative haven. As for your mind? Get ready to unearth the calmest version of you. 

For those of us expecting a bub, it’s important to note you should consult your doctor before using essential oils during pregnancy. There are some essential oils to steer clear of too - get in touch with our friendly team online or in-store and we can find you the perfect nourishing product for you and bub!

Pick a scent you can enjoy all day, every day:

You can’t expect to reap the full benefits of an essential oil, if simply-put, you don’t adore the scent enough to use it. 

Our advice? Follow your intuition when it comes to selecting the right scent for you. If you love the smell of fresh lemongrass and fancy consistent energy levels (who doesn’t?), our Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil most certainly has your name on it. Likewise, if you’re a sucker for peppermint, don’t be afraid to lean in this direction for a combination of anti-inflammatory and awakening benefits. 

And just like that, you’re ready to select from our full range of essential oils

Don’t forget to snap a photo of your stress-free study, or to show us your nighttime routine, once you have your essential oil(s) in full swing. Simply tag us @dindinaturals so we can see our community enjoying Dindi first hand!

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