How can I cure my acne, naturally?

We regularly receive emails from customers who suffer with acne prone skin, or families asking for product suggestions for their kids or family members. I personally understand just how difficult an experience it can be to suffer through painful acne and also the devastating effect this skin condition can have on our sense of self worth and consequently our overall mental health. Whether we like it or not, we live in a society that puts a huge amount of value on our outward appearance, so feeling uncomfortable in our skin can be a very painful experience for many of us. 

We can feel so out of control of acne, not knowing which way to turn for a solution. Sadly, it's common for companies to take advantage when we’re in this panic mode and offer us ‘acne miracle cures’, many of which are full of questionable ingredients and synthetic colours/fragrances that our bodies can be fighting against in the first place!   Our team are very careful to make sure that we never suggest our skincare products are miracle cures for any skin condition, after all, all bodies are different and may respond differently to exactly the same skincare product. 

It’s easy to forget just how unique our bodies are and what may work miraculously for one person may not be the answer for our own skin issues.

Our skin is an organ and when our skin starts showing signs of distress, there is often an underlying internal issue that needs to be dealt with. We suggest asking the following questions and seeking medical or dermatological support to get some proper answers to start treating the cause of your acne: 

  • Is your acne a result of a food intolerance or allergy of some kind?
  • Do you have an underlying hormonal imbalance that needs treating?
  • Is your acne a result of a very stressful lifestyle?
  • Do you suffer from fungal acne, a skin based fungal infection?
  • Do you have highly sensitive skin and is your acne is a result of this?

We created our range of phyto-active, naturally derived skincare products because we wanted to offer a potent and effective natural alternative for cleansing, exfoliating, toning, rejuvenating and moisturising a range of skin types.

If you’re interested in trying some products in our phyto-active skincare range on your acne prone skin below you will find some products that we suggest people may like to try to help soothe, balance and cleanse their troubled skin. 

blackberry cleansing bar 50g

balance face oil 30ml

snowflower face serum 30ml

fragonia toning mist 100ml

sensitive face moisturiser 50ml

rosehip seed face exfoliant 125ml

  • Blackberry cleansing bar - If you are using the wrong cleanser for your specific skin you can be inadvertently causing more issues for your skin. We often recommend acne sufferers try our blackberry cleansing bar, as it contains salicylic acid which really packs a punch as far as clearing congestion in your pores. However it's also important to monitor any changes in sensitivity and dryness in your skin and reduce use of this product to just once or twice a week where necessary as very sensitive skin may not tolerate certain ingredients like salicylic acid. 
  • Balance face oil - There are definitely some oils that acne prone skin should avoid, however trialing a light face oil may help restore the skins water and oil barrier and help balance the natural oil production on dry, acne prone skin. A trial period may be needed to decide if this product is right for your skin.
  • Brightening face serum - Our snowflower face serums are mostly oil free and can keep acne prone skin hydrated and nourished with a wide range of anti-inflammatory natural ingredients. Our snowflower serums (anti-aging and brightening) contain plant based hylauronic acid which helps draw water into the epidermis where it is needed to support enzyme activity. 
  • Fragonia toning mist - This toning mist has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients which can be very soothing for acne prone skin. Our mists can be used as a hydrating face mist and also as a spot treatment by soaking a clean cotton pad and placing on a sore pimple directly to help soothe and relieve inflammation and redness.
  • Sensitive face moisturiser - Our moisturisers use natural emulsifiers which are often better tolerated by acne prone skin, as synthetic emulsifiers can sometimes cause inflammation and clogged follicles.  We create a light formulation which absorbs quickly into the skin with a light feel, with a base of soothing aloe vera. Our sensitive face moisturiser contains no essential oils, perfect for acne prone skin which is sensitive to essential oils. 
  • Rosehip seed face exfoliant - Keeping dead skin cells to a minimum can be helpful for some acne prone skin, but it's important to not aggravate open or irritated areas. 

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