How do I care for my baby's sensitive skin?

Caring for your newborn can be overwhelmingly amazing, or amazingly overwhelming. You’re still getting to know your newest family member, healing from your birth experience and most likely completely and utterly sleep deprived. Those first few months are a total whirlwind of highs and lows and often there’s just not enough mental space to really consider baby skincare or taking a closer look at the products you’re using on your little one. 

We’re normally aware that newborn skin is very delicate and prone to rashes, dryness and other pesky skin issues, but did you know that their immune system is also equally as delicate? Chemicals and fragrances in baby products can cause an array of issues for your little one, however there is much we can do to protect their sensitive little bodies! Here’s some easy to follow baby skincare tips and tricks to help you on your way: 

With baby skincare, simple is best

We always suggest keeping skincare super simple, gentle and using the most natural, soothing products you can on your little ones. Take a look at the ingredients list for any product you’ll be putting on or around them, if it doesn’t read like ingredients you could find in your local organic health food store then we’d suggest steering clear of putting it on your baby’s sensitive skin. 

We also only recommend using products that are scent free and free of pure essential oils on babies and toddlers. Our Dindi Baby balm and Dindi Baby massage oil are both free of pure essential oils, making them a perfect 100% natural addition to your little one’s skincare routine.  

Bath time care

Too frequent bathing can remove the natural oils that can help protect your baby's skin, leaving them prone to dryness and skin irritation. This is especially important if they’re prone to dry skin flare ups or eczema. If you can get away with it, we wouldn’t suggest bathing your little one every single day. In between bath days you can simply clean off baby’s mouth and diaper area with a little warm water and a soft cotton cloth. 

Many parents choose to wash their newborns just with warm water for the first few months, but if and when you’re ready, we’d suggest using a really gentle, natural and scent-free body wash that won’t strip delicate skin of its natural oils. Our sensitive hand + body wash is made with pure plant oils and free of essential oils so can be a great addition to your baby's bath times (and it can double as a baby shampoo too). We also offer a pure olive oil bar soap, which is loved by many with extremely sensitive skin and is a great alternative if you’re looking for a traditional bar soap for your little one.

After bath care

We suggest always taking the time to replenish baby’s skin after bath time with a soothing, natural baby oil, like our Dindi Baby massage oil. Not only is this incredibly nourishing and deeply moisturising for their skin, it’s also a wonderful bonding experience for you and your baby (and can help them get a better night’s sleep too). 

Even on days where you’re not doing bath time, moisturising baby’s skin with a pre-bedtime rub down with a natural baby oil can be a great way to add moisture to your little one’s skin and protect against dry skin conditions that are so common with baby’s sensitive skin. 

Nappy rash and skin flare ups

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to tackling nappy rash and skin flare ups on your baby. Making sure they’re having regular nappy changes so skin isn’t sitting against moisture and bacteria is really important. It’s also possible that your baby is having a reaction to the chemicals and materials found in the disposable nappies being used, so giving your baby plenty of nappy free time to dry out their little tooshies and get some air down there can be really helpful. It may be worth trying out more eco-friendly disposable nappies that use natural fibres and less chemicals in their products, or trialing reusable cloth nappies!   

If you notice baby is suffering with redness or a rash in their nappy area, making sure you’re keeping on top of these skin flare ups with an extra soothing and protecting nappy balm or cream is a must. Our Dindi Baby balm is perfect soothing and preventing nappy rashes, as it delivers soothing natural ingredients to the skin whilst also still allowing skin to breathe.

We hope you find some of these tips and tricks for baby’s skincare helpful for you and your little one! Below are some links to product recommendations to help support and protect your baby’s sensitive skin: 

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