How to make your own DIY yoga mat cleaning spray!

There's nothing worse than getting up close and personal with a smelly yoga mat - anyone who's forgotten their yoga mat before a steamy hot yoga session will understand this first hand! 

At Dindi we have a number of yoga studios who stock our 100% natural products around their studios and many don't realise that we need to be quite careful with which products are sprayed onto yoga mats. Did you know that adding a high concentration oil or spray onto your mat will gradually strip away the non-stick coating that keeps your hands in place during that tricky downward dog?

So we wanted to share with you a super simple but really effective DIY yoga mat spray that is safe for your mat, antibacterial and will keep your yoga space smelling as marvelous as your wonderful self! 


natural yoga studio

What you'll need : 

  • small spray bottle or pump bottle (you can reuse your dindi toner bottles or room/body mist sprays!)
  • spring water or distilled water
  • witch hazel or white vinegar
  • fresh australia, sacred, calm flower or beautiful Dindi Naturals essential oil blends


Directions : 

  1. Carefully pour in 2 tbsp of witch hazel or white vinegar into your spray bottle
  2. Top up to almost full with your spring water or distilled water
  3. Add in 5 drops of your essential oil blend of choice - make sure not to add too much, a little goes a long way! If you've used vinegar you may want to add a couple of extra drops just until you can mask the vinegar smell
  4. Shake bottle well!  

To use, simply spray lightly over your yoga mat after use, allow to sink in for a few moments then wipe off any excess with a clean dry cloth or towel. You really don't need to use much, so use sparingly! Your yoga mat will now be clean, fresh and ready for your next session. Make sure to allow to dry for a minute or two before rolling up your mat. 

Let us know how you find this DIY yoga mat spray and which is your favourite Dindi oil blend to use! 

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