Let's talk deodorants!

let's talk deodorants...

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Did you know that many of the commercial deodorants and antiperspirants on the market are not as skin loving as they claim to be? 

Commercial deodorants often contain a cocktail of chemicals and ingredients that have been scientifically proven to have negative health and environmental effects. 

Let's take aluminium for example - Aluminium exposure from commercially produced deodorants and antiperspirants has been linked to increased risks of breast cancer through accumulation of heavy metals in the breast tissue and interference with estrogen receptors.  Many deodorants also contain parabens, a chemical preservative linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and other forms of cancer.  The cocktail of nasty chemicals used in many of the deodorants we grew up using would shock you if you really took a magnifying glass to the ingredients list! 

We all want to spend our days smelling nice, but never at the cost of our health. That's why we've been working hard to create a range of awesome skin loving and environmentally friendly natural deodorants! 

Our multi-purpose powder deodorants provide a wonderful natural alternative to chemical laden deodorants. Simply apply a small amount of the powder after showering and re-apply when necessary. 

Our powder deodorants can also be used on pet beds, or in shoes to reduce odors naturally! 

We're excited to share that our brand new Lavender + Cedarwood Deodorant Balm has just been launched! 

We now have 3 wonderful natural deodorant alternatives here at Dindi - our much loved powder deodorants in lemon teatree, lavender + cedarwood and marjoram, white cyprus + patchouli and our brand new natural deodorant balm in lavender + cedarwood, the perfect unisex natural/earthy scent for the whole family. 

This creamy blend is mess free and very easy to apply - simply remove a pea size amount of deodorant balm with fingers from your reusable tin and watch as it softens and warms up on your hands. Gently rub into both underarms and allow to sink into the skin for a few moments before going about your day! 

Dindi deodorant balm gently coats the skin to perform its deodorising magic. Coconut oil and shea butter nourish the skin while magnesium hydroxide and kaolin clay control the odour! You won't find any bicarb in our deodorant balm as it can be too harsh on sensitive skin, so don't let you past natural deodorant experiences put you off this sensitive skin loving formula.

We’ve called on lavender and cedarwood essential oils to provide a delightful scent, pleasing to the whole family.

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