3 steps to spring-cleaned skin

3 steps to spring-cleaned skin

Winter isn't easy on our skin, it can often be left dry and damaged from the constant heating and then cold weather and harsh winds of the colder months.  That's why it's so important to replenish and nourish our precious skin when the weather starts warming up a little.   It's so easy to slip into the relaxing hibernation of winter and forget about all of the little self care tips and tricks we enjoy in the warmer months, so as soon as the spring sun peaks it's head out from behind the rain clouds getting back into some good natural skincare habits is pretty important! 

Here at Dindi we realise how hard it is to find 'actually' high quality toxin free skincare products - you'd be surprised how sneaky some 'natural' companies can be in their ingredients lists! Our entire beauty range of products are 100% toxin free, plant-based, palm oil free and full of the highest quality luxurious plant extracts, oils  and native remedies. Creating our 'dream beauty range' of natural plant-based products has been on our bucket list for a really long time, which is why we're so excited to walk you through some of super-potent skin-loving beauty range today. 

So lets learn about 3 simple steps to super-spring-cleaned skin, the Dindi way! 

Step 1: cleanse

Remove makeup as well as dry and damaged skin cells with our calming Cucumber Cleansing Oil.  Cucumber seed oil is gentle, soothing and cooling as well as rich in important skin-loving minerals. We've blended it with nutrient rich abyssinian oil and rejuvenating camellia seed oil for the perfect balance to keep skin soft and conditioned.

Apply a small pea size amount of cleanser to clean, dry hands then apply to face and neck, gently massaging. Cover face with a warm, damp wash cloth to allow skin pores to open and release impurities, then simply wipe away oil with the wash cloth and rinse skin well with warm water.

Step 2: rejuvenate

Restore hydration and nourishment with our Restore Skin Elixir, a luxurious blend of skin-loving plant-based oils and Australian native extracts.  We’ve created our skin elixir serum to help restore hydration and nourishment to dry and damaged skin, helping your skin have that warm-weather glow.









With damp fingers, gently massage your Restore Skin Elixir onto your clean skin until it has been fully absorbed. 

This elixir can be used all over the body and helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and even stretch marks! 

Step 3: moisturise

Lock in nourishment and hydration with our Radiance Face Moisturiser, with active ingredients of sea buckthorn seed oil, native kakadu plum and acai berry extract.  Your skin will feel smooth, supple and hydrated all day. Precious plant oils and extracts ensure skin is well nourished and enriched without feeling heavy and clogging pores.

Apply daily, simply dab 2 pumps onto face and neck to lock in moisture to the skin, gently massage in an upwards motion until absorbed. 

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