Love the skin you're in this summer!


We can all feel the pressure when the warm weather and new year comes around and we find ourselves not meeting those beauty standards that tell us we should all be tanned, toned and glowing for the summer season.  At Dindi we believe that all bodies deserve to be nurtured and taken care of and that it’s important to love the skin you’re in through every season.

By creating small rituals that show our bodies the love they deserve as they are right now, we can lift our mood and feel taken care of and confident in our skin, which can in turn inspire us to take greater care of ourselves on the inside and out as the new year progresses. I mean really, how many of us have given up on those harsh new years resolutions before we’re even saying hello to February, anyway?!

If you’re wanting to show that beautiful body of yours some much needed TLC, we’ve put together these simple summer self-care rituals to get you glowing from the inside and out this summer! 

1/ Sun protection is a must this time of year! We should all be using a good quality natural sunscreen to help protect delicate skin from those nasty UV rays. If you’re looking for a great natural sunscreen you might want to try some of the fantastic options from our friends over at Biome, like the Wot Not spf 30 natural sunscreen or Noosa spf 15 natural sunscreen

2/ Glow-y summer skin can really start from the inside out, by remembering to drink PLENTY of water. We should all be aiming to hit the 2.5litres of recommended daily water intake during the summer months and buying yourself a cute reusable water bottle and adding a squeeze of lemon, some berries or other fruit can help make it easier to get this important habit to stick! 

3/ Making sure we gently exfoliate our skin on a regular basis is a great way to get rid of dry, dull skin and support healthy skin cell rejuvenation! Ditch the harsh chemical exfoliants and switch to our gentle rosehip seed face exfoliant which will leave your skin refreshed and deeply nourished. 

4/ Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Show your entire body some love with our deeply moisturising shea butter hand + body lotions, which are packed full of skin soothing and deeply nourishing plant-based ingredients which will eradicate dry skin and leave you with a healthy glow all over. 

5/ Consider including a natural face oil in your simple skin routine! The delicate skin on our faces see the sun most of all and often need some extra help staying moisturised this time of year. Our rosella flower balance face oil is a natural blend of very light plant oils that nourish skin from the inside out without clogging pores! This magical blend of oils includes high levels of antioxidants like vitamin C and zinc to support skin healing and collagen production as well as natural ingredients that improve the look of scaring and redness. If you’re wanting a deeply nourishing face oil with some additional sun protection, our red raspberry seed oil offers some UV protection (though we don’t recommend using it as a replacement to sun screen) from UVB and UVC rays.

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