Natural deodorants - why make the switch?


Switching to a natural deodorant is a great step when trying to reduce the number of chemicals our body comes into contact with. Like commercial deodorants, natural deodorants aim to neutralise nasty smells and discourage bacteria, with the major difference being in the active ingredients chosen to keep us smelling fresh.

What's the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant?

Many people expect deodorants to stop them sweating, however this actually isn’t their intended purpose. Where as antiperspirants can stop your body sweating by blocking pores with aluminium based ingredients, deodorants do not reduce sweating but instead aim to mask the odours or reduce odour-producing bacteria on the skin. It’s actually very important for your body to be able to sweat - not only is sweating your body's main ability to control body temperature, but it also helps our body to detox heavy metals and eliminate chemicals and toxins from your system. Just as commercial deodorants won’t stop you from sweating, natural deodorants won’t either, but they will leave you smelling great!  

Ingredients used in many commercial deodorants

We believe that the more natural ingredients we can use on our skin the better. That's why we fill our natural deodorants with skin-friendly, naturally derived ingredients and leave out some of these more commonly used ingredients: 

• Parabens 

• Triclosan

• Phthalates 

• Artificial fragrances

Though the science can often be conflicting when it comes to proving the safety of chemicals which are regularly used in skincare and body products, we're of the belief that they're just not necessary when there are such fantastic natural alternatives at your fingertips! 

A closer look at some of our favourite natural ingredients for deodorants

We carefully formulate our deodorant balm and powder deodorants so they’re not only made from naturally derived, palm oil free and cruelty free ingredients but they’re also gentle on your skin too. We choose not to use bicarb soda in our deodorants as it quickly and dramatically changes the PH of the skin and can be an irritant, causing rashes, redness and burning for some people with sensitive skin.

Where as most commercial deodorants and antiperspirants use artificial fragrances to scent their products, we use essential oils, which are naturally derived, smell wonderful and also have their own amazing antibacterial and antimicrobial properties!

Here’s a break down of some of our favourite natural ingredients that we use in our natural deodorants, and why we choose to use them:

Magnesium Hydroxide – Occurring in nature as the mineral Brucite, magnesium hydroxide slowly changes the PH of your skin to help reduce bacterial growth. The slow release of this ingredient allows skin the time to gently adjust to the PH change and thus is less of an irritant than bicarb soda. This slow release effect means the antibacterial effects last longer on the skin as well.

Zinc Oxide – This mineral Zincite is very effective at reducing odor causing bacteria on the skin and minimising the growth of new bacteria too.

Coconut Oil – We use this antifungal and antibacterial oil as a base for our deodorant balm. Coconut oil contains a range of fatty acids, like lauric acid, which have known antibacterial benefits, whilst also being deeply nourishing for the skin.

Arrowroot Powder – This natural ingredient quickly absorbs moisture helping to keep underarms dry, as well as helping to produce an easy to apply consistency.

Kaolin Clay – This white coloured clay is super absorbent and absorbs nasty odors without changing the colour of our formulas (like some other clays).

Essential Oils – We use a range of pure, natural essential oils for their beautiful scents but also for their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties on the skin.

lavender + cedarwood deodorant balm

We've spent years creating our perfect natural deodorant balm, highly effective yet free from all the unnecessary nasties! No more mess, this creamy blend is easy to apply and gently coats the skin to perform its deodorising magic.

lemon tea tree, cedarwood + lavender powder deodorant

Reduce odours naturally with our powder deodorant, which harness the natural deodorising powers of plant extracts, pure essential oils and clays to keep you smelling fresh!

marjoram, white cypress + patchouli powder deodorant

Reduce odours naturally with our powder deodorant, which harness the natural deodorising powers of plant extracts, pure essential oils and clays to keep you smelling fresh!

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