our favourite dindi products for mamas-to-be

Is there anything more monumental then the changes our body will go through when pregnant?
Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting yet stressful times of a woman's life, we'll experience some of the biggest changes to our bodies, whilst potentially experiencing some of the downsides to pregnancy like hormonal ache, stretch marks, weight gain, sensitive or drier than usual skin.
Though every mama's experience of pregnancy will be different, we've created this handy guide to some of our best selling Dindi products perfect for pregnancy and postpartum self care!

To keep your blooming body treasured and nourished, we’ve created the completely unique Cherish pregnancy oil. It combines gentle, organic plant oils with precious essential oils to help pamper and protect.  Our pregnancy oil is an all-over skin nourishment, helpful when trying to reduce stretch marks or itchy dry skin anywhere on the body.


Dindi Baby Balm

Our plant-based baby balm is a luxuriously rich moisturising balm, completely scentless and perfect for mamas-to-be who are finding strong fragrances overwhelming during pregnancy! Full to the brim with skin nourishing organic ingredients such as cocoa butter and calendula infused oils, or baby balm is perfect for soothing dry itchy stretch-mark prone skin whilst also being a perfect cure all for your little ones nappy rash, psoriasis, baby eczema or general dry skin issues.


Calm Flower Natural Room Mist 

Mama's need a little help to relax some times! Our range of best-selling aromatherapy room mists includes this beautiful relaxing blend, Calm Flower.  Gentle, feminine + floral, the sweetness of geranium blends beautifully with calming lavender and a hint of lemongrass to add a touch of freshness. 


Peppermint Essential Oil 

Our range of essential oils and blends are made of the highest quality ingredients! Peppermint has been used for generations as a wonderful natural remedy to alleviating symptoms of morning sickness as well as sickness during labor.

Simply burn the essential oil in an oil burner around the home or add to a carrier oil to massage into temples and pressure points.


Pure Olive Oil Soap

Hormonal acne is a real issue for many women during pregnancy and postpartum, so it's important to make sure you're protecting your sensitive skin with natural products that won't be harsh or drying. Oue 100% pure olive oil soap will leave your skin feeling cleansed, moisturised and rejuvenated. This unscented bar is perfect for mamas (and babes!) with sensitive skin as it has no essential oils and is nice and gentle on the skin. 


Calm flower shea butter hand + body lotion

Rich in shea butter, hempseed oil and avocado oil, our body lotions are perfect for reducing the chance of stretch marks!  A little goes a long way to help skin stay thoroughly moisturised.  Our popular essential oil combination of geranium, lavender and lemongrass adds a nice floral scent while calendula extract is gentle and soothing on damaged skin.


If you're looking for a little self care treat to get you through your pregnancy, or are looking for a love gift for a special mama-to-be in your life, give some of these wonderful Dindi products a go and don't forget to let us know how you found our products!  

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