Our top travel beauty essentials : pack these travel approved products for your next holiday!

Our top travel beauty essentials : 

pack these travel approved products for your next holiday!

This time of the year is always a busy one, with trips to visit family over the holidays or fitting in some summer travel destinations! Though the holidays themselves can be fun, no one likes the mammoth to-do list prior to travel, especially having to work out what to pack.

Simplifying your life by being a minimalist-packing-ninja takes quite a lot of practice, so we're here to help you simplify your pack list so that you bring only THE BEST travel approved natural skincare products for your upcoming trips.

Many of us are trying to have less of an environmental impact when we travel. That's why we've curated a fantastic collection of low waste travel-approved natural skincare and bath and shower products here at Dindi Naturals.

In flight (carry on) essentials

If you're flying to your destination, whether it's domestic or international, you're going to want to bring with you some in-flight essential beauty products to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated! 

There are quite strict rules on what sized liquids you can carry in your hand luggage in flight, so it's always worth checking with the airline ahead of time. Most airlines stick to the 100ml of less liquid products rule and they all will need to fit into a small clear plastic bag. That's where choosing your products wisely comes into play! 

We recommend carrying moisturising products with you in-flight, as our skin can easily get very dehydrated on even the shortest of flights. Our essentials include a lipbalm, face cleansermoisturiser, face cream, travel toothpaste and toothbrush, and a natural deodorant

our 10g lipbalm tins are the perfect size for taking with you on the go and come in 6 flavour options

our 40g myrtle + macadamia hand cream is perfect to take travelling, comes in a handy container and can be used as a body moisturiser

re-hydrate with our 50ml radiance face moisturiser, with moisturising plant extracts to combat the in-flight dryness

whether you're a nervous flyer or not, carrying a natural deodorant with you is essential, our 60g lavender + cedarwood deodorant balm is a must have travel essential

our foaming blackberry cleansing bar comes in a handy travel tin and is the perfect face cleanser to take with you on the go

Biome stock some fantastic natural and eco-friendly travel sized toothpastes and bamboo toothbrushes. We particularly like their 20g Grin Travel Toothpaste

Travel essentials

Nobody wants to take up unnecessary space in their already already full holiday luggage with bulky shampoo, conditioner and skincare bottles! Here are our must have bath and shower products to take with you whilst travelling! 

Ph balancing shampoo bar

our range of PH balancing shampoo bars come in 4 options, sea moss, calendula, argan and lilly pilly, and can be purchased either loose or in handy reusable travel tins! Perfect for on the go as they take up far less space than liquid shampoos

Conditioning bar

our conditioning bars are available in either argan, avocado, jojoba or mango and can also be purchased with tin or as a package free refill

Travel soap

Our shampoo travel soaps come in two scents, rosemary-mint-jojoba and tangerine-patchouli-hempseed. Our travel soaps are a fantastic combination product and can be used as a bar soap and shampoo (works best on short hair types)

Hand sanitiser

hand sanitisers are often made with harsh chemicals however our 50ml natural hand sanitisers in lavender and lemon tea tree are highly effective, safe for the whole family to use, smell fantastic and are the perfect size to pop into your bag when travelling

We hope that this article helps you plan what products to pack for your holidays! If you have any must have travel essentials that you can't live without, comment below! 

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