Plastic Free July - simple low-waste swaps!

Plastic Free July - low waste swaps with Dindi! 

On average, Australians use 130 kg of plastic per person each year. Of that huge amount, only a staggering 12% of this hardy and versatile material will be recycled. The remaining 88% will end up in landfills or polluting our land, oceans and waterways. Plastics have only been around since 1950 but in that time over 8.3 BILLION TONNES of plastics have been produced! 

During the month of July, each year over 250 million people from more than 177 different countries come together to reduce their waste, through the growing movement to reduce single-use plastic use called - Plastic Free July.  We're excited to take part in this challenge as a business, learn more and find further ways that we too can reduce our single use plastic consumption.

Here at Dindi Naturals we are committed to providing our customers with luxurious, natural, low-waste, palm oil-free and cruelty-free alternatives to those everyday essentials we can't live without. We're constantly working on ways that we can make our product packaging and shipping more eco-friendly, it's very important to us that we provide our customers with eco-concious, palm oil free, cruelty free and natural alternatives to the every day essentials we all can't live without! 

simple low waste swaps ♻️

sea moss ph shampoo bar 50g  

$18 tinned / $16 loose

Derived from coconut, our solid shampoo bars ensure hair (even dyed hair) retains a balanced ph level, keeping hair cuticles smooth and soft. Panthenol and sea kelp, rich in iodine and minerals, make a wonderful hair tonic which helps to create volume and hydration. Easy to use, portable and luxuriously low waste, you’ll love the rich lather from our long-lasting shampoo bars!

argan conditioner bar 50g

$24 tinned / $27 loose

Our conditioner bars are made from natural, plant-based renewable resources, and are cruelty-free, plant-based and don’t contain silicone, palm oil or nasty chemicals. Luxurious plant oils and butters provide extra nourishment to stressed locks, panthenol (vitamin B5) helps to strengthen and rice protein, rich in amino acids, delivers volume and shine.

tranquility bath salts 220g 

$22 glass jar

Soothe body, mind and soul with our divinely scented range of natural bath salts to help unwind, relax and rejuvenate. Available in four different aromatherapy infused scent combinations and packaged in a glass jar and metal lid.

blackberry cleansing bar 50g

$20 tinned / $18 loose

Powerful salicylic acid, an anti-bacterial derived from willowbark, helps keep pores deeply cleansed and dislodge stubborn blackheads. To this we’ve added blackberry seed oil and kakadu plum, both incredibly high in vitamin C and antioxidants, soothing comfrey leaf and burdock root along with anti-fungal neem oil - a perfectly balanced foaming cleanser to keep skin clean yet nourished.

lavender + cedarwood deodorant balm 50g

$16 metal tin

No more mess, this creamy deodorant balm is easy to apply and gently coats the skin to perform its deodorising magic. Coconut oil and shea butter nourish the skin while magnesium hydroxide controls the odour! We’ve called on lavender and cedarwood essential oils to provide a delightful unisex scent.

luxurious natural bar soaps 110g

$7 boxed or loose

We offer over 20 different essential infused scent options in our range our bestselling bar soaps. Produced using only the highest-quality pure plant oils and butters, natural clays and plants for colour and pure essential oils for their fragrance, Dindi bar soaps are naturally derived and gentle enough to be used by the whole family!

... and some other low waste product ideas!

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