The issue we WON'T palm off

The team at Dindi Naturals are as passionate about our planet as our products. We strive to maintain high ethical standards which ensure all our ingredients are environmentally friendly, sustainable and animal cruelty free. We don’t use palm oil or any of its 200 plus deceptive aliases and here’s why.

Palm oil plantations are now the leading cause of rainforest destruction in Indonesia and Malaysia, with Indonesia being devastated faster than any other country in the world. Deforestation contributes a staggering 20% to global warming. Land clearing fires cause some of the world’s worst pollution, affecting neighbouring countries.

Natural habitats for many species, including orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos are being destroyed. An average of 50 orangutans die every week, resulting in a 50% decline in populations over recent years.

Australia imports over 130,000 tonnes of palm oil per year. Approximately 50% of packaged food and consumer products ranging from cosmetics, cleaning products, hair care, soap and candles contain palm oil.

Dindi Naturals dedicate many hours of research to sourcing equally effective alternatives. Our shampoo soaps are even certified Palm Oil Free.

If you share our concerns for this amazing planet and it’s beautiful creatures, visit where you will not only find detailed information about the ill-effects of palm oil plantations, you can also find a detailed list of alternate names used to disguise it and companies (including yours truly) whose products are certified palm oil free.

Everything you need to know about how you too can make a difference will quite literally be in the palm of your hands!

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