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Have you ever noticed how certain scents can transport you back to childhood memories, moments with loved ones or just those very special days we don't want to forget? Our sense of smell has a bigger connection to memory and emotion than any of our other senses and there's actually a fancy scientific reason for it! 

When we taste, see, touch or hear these senses automatically relay to our brains, heading straight for the 'thalamus', a part of our brains just above the brain stem which relays information to other parts of the brain like the hippocampus (responsible for memory) or the amygdala (responsible for emotional processing).

The way our brains processes smell is completely different then other senses, potentially hinting at why smell can be so emotionally charged. When we smell something this information automatically bypasses our thalamus and instead is relayed directly to the olfactory bulb which is directly connected to our amygdala and hippocampus in the brain. Scientists now believe that memories around smell are actually saved directly in the olfactory bulb itself meaning that our brain's smell center stores it's own long-term 'scent memories' AND has a direct connection into our brain's memory center!

Our sense of smell has a bigger connection to memory and emotion than any of our other senses and there's actually a fancy scientific reason for it! 

When I smell frankincense and sandalwood I am immediately transported back to being little, and reminded of the solid perfume that my mother religiously wore as her 'signature scent' for years when I was growing up.  I think that's why I can't get past our Dindi 'Desert Wood' perfume! The sweet yet woody scents of rose, frankincense and sandalwood transport me straight back to being loved and nurtured as a child.

If you haven't found your signature scent yet, we're here to help. We get many questions about our perfume range and we realise not everyone can pop into one of our stores and try them in person. Our range of 4 perfumes are individually blended using the highest quality pure essential oils, and they make for perfect gifts too! There's a scent for everyone and all 4 are quite different, so let's get to know them a little better :

Desert Wood perfume - sandalwood, rose + frankincense combine to create the deep, sensual + woody scents so many of our customers love. Precious Australian woods of sandalwood, buddha wood and agarwood provide a comforting base to our most popular perfume blend, deep, mysterious, sensual and woody with a twist.

Captive cologne - neroli, bergamot + bay leaf are blended to create a this spicy, woody and zesty unisex fragrance . The zesty combination of neroli, orange and bergamot sits nicely atop a woody, spicy base.

Cherish perfume - neroli, frankincense + red mandarin essential oils produce this fresh, zesty and uplifting perfume . Our favourite, grounding frankincense with its fresh, woody scent makes a great partner to the delicious citrus notes of red mandarin, helichrysum and neroli. This blend is fresh, zesty, uplifting and quite addictive!

Night Bloom perfume - jasmine, rose + ylang ylang produce this sweet, floral and heady fragrance.  This blend is prominently jasmine, seductive and floral. Rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang all make a brief appearance, but the hero here is sweet and floral jasmine!

customer reviews

"I've never been one for perfume, I've always found them too sweet, floral or chemically. Desert Wood got me using perfume every single day and between this and the captive cologne (which I also love) I'm set for life!"


"I really like this cologne, it's earthy without being too overpowering. My girlfriend really likes it too, which is a plus i recon!"


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