War on Waste

We don’t waste time at Dindi, we invest time in waste!

The omnipresent war on waste remains steadfastly in the spotlight, raising much needed awareness on the detrimental effects of excess and environmentally toxic packaging.

 As these headlines grab your attention, we continue to focus our attention on delivering the most efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging available, for our ever-expanding range of products.

 Our refill policy offers 10% discount on liquid soap and room mists at either our Yarck or Mornington Stores. Wherever possible and practical we use non- plastic, recycled cardboard packaging.  We offer a range of shampoo and conditioners in solid form – no plastic bottle required.  All our roped and string products are lovingly hand made with hemp fibre, as opposed to insecticide-dependent cotton, which drains our precious, rapidly depleting water ways.

 Palm oil, including all its deceptive pseudonyms and aliases (yes, we know who you are!) is very much on our radar when purchasing ingredients. It’s devastating effects on the environment, indigenous people and wildlife are catastrophic.

 Our Yarck and Mornington stores offer a range of products from suppliers who are equally as passionate about the environment as we are. From wax food wraps, reusable produce bags and biodegradable dish cloths, rest assured, if you hear one of our staff members refer to the last straw, it will be a re-usable stainless steel one!

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