winter warmers...

Don’t chill out about skin care over the winter months.

With winter less than a week away, the mercury has already started to plummet. Say goodbye to sun drenched days, salads and spritzers and hello to hearty soups, scarves, beanies and snow boards! But keep in mind – just because it’s looking dreary outside, there’s no reason for skin to look the same way. So, what does winter mean for our skin? With the decrease in humidity, extra clothing, warmer showers and the effects of heating, winter skin can become very dry and dehydrated, particularly sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema.

To keep skin hydrated over the cooler months we’ve put some tried and tested tips together:

  • use a humidifier or place a bowl of water in heated rooms
  • take shorter showers (excessive use of hot water can strip skin of natural oils)
  • wear gloves to protect hands as the skin is thinner and more delicate than body skin
  • use bath oil
  • wear lip balm
  • moisturise immediately after your shower or bath to lock in moisture
  • load up on omega 3’s - they are crucial to skin’s fat content and help bolster its barrier

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