Working from home

With Covid 19 turning our world upside down, so many of us are now find ourselves spending more and more time at home and some have even moved to working from home as well. Though it's definitely a gift to have the opportunity to work and earn an income in the safety of our homes, working from home can certainly come with it's own difficulties (especially with kids running around the house, news to check and a million other distractions!).

Our team put together this collection of tips that we are finding useful when working from home ... let's start at the beginning.

Get out of bed! 

We know how tempting it is to work from bed, with your laptop peaking out from underneath the doona, but there really is nothing worse for your mood or your back! It's tempting, especially as the mornings are darker and colder, but do you really want your sleep space marred by the work drama? Not to mention, it's not like you can just pop around to your chiropractor for a daily adjustment when the world is in lockdown! 

Create a new morning routine

This will look different for all of us, but having some semblance of a morning routine really can make all the difference for starting your work day off right. For me this looks like making sure I wash my face and do my usual natural skincare routine (I feel lost without my anti-aging serum and nourish face moisturiser). For others this can be taking a morning stroll in the garden with the first coffee of the day, before cracking on with some work.

Set the mood 

A clever woman once said (thanks mum!) 'a clear space means a clear mind', and there really is nothing better to start off the at-home-work-day than to set up your work space so it's cosy and inviting. That might mean clearing away some of yesterdays clutter, burning your favourite oil blend (our favourites are the Clarity and Sacred essential oil blends) or picking yourself a vase full of some fresh foliage on your daily walk around the block!

Remove distractions

It can seem like the absolute dream working from home, but staying motivated and productive can definitely be a challenge! Unless your work is on social media, try turning off your phone while you're working so you don't find yourself scrolling Instagram all day. We also suggest only checking the news in the morning and the evening, it can all seem really overwhelming when we're checking the state of the world every hour! Our team uses our Dindi Focus body mist  to keep the work day flowing, not only does it smell amazing but it also uses potent essential oils that can assist in memory and concentration.

Dealing with the isolation

Though it's easy to wish we were isolating on our own, especially when the hubby is driving us crazy or the kids need entertaining, if you don't have family with you this can certainly be a really tough time. We suggest scheduling in a proper lunch break in your work day and having a video chat with a friend of family member. We're all pretty lonely and many of us as missing the regular catch ups. If your work isn't taking too much brainpower you could also listen to an inspiring podcast, here are some of our favourites at the moment : 

  1. Everything Is Alive - In each episode, an interviewee is an inanimate object telling its life story. Ever wanted to hear how a bar of soap feels? Now you'll know! 
  2. Slow Home Podcast - Conversations on what it means to live a slower and simpler life
  3. This Working Life - Lisa Leong explores ideas that are shaping changes in workplaces from practices to culture and leadership, and introduces you to people who have interesting and remarkable stories to tell

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