essential oil blend evergreen 10ml
essential oil blend evergreen 10ml

essential oil blend evergreen 10ml


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A combination of refreshing essential oils that give us sensations of being at high altitude,  on a mountain covered in large, green conifer trees, breathing in crisp and clean air.

Key essential oils:

black spruce - one of the most grounding oils, it helps to keep us centred, calm, comforted and completely connected to the earth, also helping us to recall memories

Australian white cypress - an uplifting pine scent, refreshing and energising

cedarwood atlas - a majestic tree that helps us to keep strong, centred and balanced

siberian fir - helpful to relieve anxiety and ease symptoms of allergies and asthma


Oil burner: Add 5-7 drops to water

Massage: Add 5-7 drops to every 10ml of vegetable oil

Bath: Add 5-7 drops to every 10ml of bath oil or cup of milk.

Vegan friendly

Ingredients: blend of pure essential oils of picea mariana leaf (black spruce) leaf, juniperus communis (juniper) berry, callitris columellaris (white cypress) leaf, cedrus atlantica (cedarwood) wood, styrax benzoin (benzoin Sumatra) resin, lavendula angustifolia (French alpine lavender) flower, abies aibirica (Siberian fir) needle, eucalyptus dives (peppermint eucalyptus) leaf, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf/flower, salvia lavandulaefolia (Spanish sage) leaf/flower.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Store essential oils in a cool, dry place, out of sunlight.

Disclaimer: We use only the highest-quality pure essential oils within our product range, which are extracted from a wide variety of plants and trees from all over the globe. Due to the nature of working with natural ingredients, there will be colour and scent variations within the essential oils we use in our products; this should be expected and can be due to many different factors including harvesting times, seasonal changes, weather etc.